Looking back on the development of Taiwan’s security industry, thirty years have passed since the first security company was established in 1978.  In recent years, due to increasing market demand, Taiwan’s general public is paying more and more attention to the quality and professionalism of the security industry.  For these reasons, Taipei Security Commercial Association、Association of Security Companies, New Taipei City、Kaohsiung Security Companies Association. and Taiwan Province Security Association came together and established the Security Industries Association of R.O.C. in Taiwan (“SIA”)on December 17, 2009.

Looking at various government and social developments worldwide, one could observe a trend towards the simplification of governmental structures and military oversight, such as the abandonment of the military draft system and opting for an elite system, and the downsizing of the state’s police force, thereby providing the private security industry with many opportunities to supply manpower and expertise.  With the increase market demand for private security services, the numbers of security practitioners have also increased.  Since private security personnel would certainly be an extension of the national public security forces, it will be the SIA’s mission to promote the full integration of security personnel in the private security industry with the state’s police forces.  In other words, combining security personnel from both the private and public sectors, Taiwan will have nearly 160,000 professionals who can realize public security and eliminate the “security blind spots” in Taiwan.  The establishment of the SIA could enhance security practitioners’ quality and quantity as well as overall social stability.  It will also provide an “invisible force” to make the people of Taiwan feel more safe and secure about their well-being.  Especially among those security practitioners, over ninety percent have specialty in guard security.  With market expansion, the security industry constantly provides employment opportunities for more people into the security professional field.  Families can grow and prosper under this safe and secure environment.  It is a virtuous circle for the entire social development.

The purposes of the SIA are four-fold:
(1) to become a liaison between the state’s different departments and official authorities.
(2) to enhance communication with government agencies.
(3) to carry out the preparation during various stages.
(4) to understand the specifics of the government’s objectives, targets, and implementation plan. 
The ultimate purpose for the SIA is to oversee and implement the overall development of the security industry and to provide consistent professional training industry-wide.  SIA also sees elevating the professionalism and image of Taiwan’s security industry and advocating for better welfare for the security practitioners as one of its most important objectives.

In order to maintain market functionality and prevent vicious price competition, SIA sets the following goals:
1. To advocate for the security industry’s rights and interests; to expand the security industry’s market size.
2. To establish a dialogue mechanism between different government agencies.
3. To provide education and training; to implement a security certification system.
4. To implement a certification and grading system for security companies.

SIA also encourages security personnel and companies to actively participate in SIA activities, to stay current with SIA’s website postings and changes in the government’s rules and regulations.

Although the Security Industry Law has been promulgated in Taiwan for many years and has had a positive influence on the management of security companies and its security practitioners, it has, however, become archaic and is limiting the industry in many ways.  Therefore, we need more professionals to participate in the research, study, assessment, and rulemaking of upcoming security laws in order to keep up with the changing practices of the industry.  We also need to accelerate the implementation of the security practitioner’s certification system, elevate security practitioner’s social status and seek more comprehensive protection for the security companies.  These, we believe, reflect the voice of all security practitioners and are the future goals of the Security Industries Association of R.O.C. in Taiwan

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